Sheehan Group-Pacific LLC provides expert environmental consulting services to federal, state, and private clients, with an emphasis on National Environmental Policy Act (and State equivalent documentation like Hawaii's 343 process), Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, and natural and cultural laws and policies. SGP also assists clients interested in real estate development and energy projects.


We believe that one learns more by listening than by talking. Through team building and strong relationships, Sheehan Group-Pacific LLC finds the right solutions through active and effective collaboration.

In the aftermath of the Ehime Maru incident that claimed nine lives when the USS Greenville collided with the Japanese Fisheries High School vessel, Mr. Sheehan resolved complex issues and helped lead the Navy’s environmental team to raise the sunken ship in over 2,000 feet of water and met regularly with the Japanese government, media, and families of the victims.



Sheehan Group-Pacific LLC’s team has over 15 years of experience solving complex environmental issues and a strong understanding doing local business in Hawai'i and throughout the Pacific. We apply a proven approach to environmental planning, impact assessments, public involvement, compliance, and mitigation implementation in a cost-effective and time-sensitive matter.

High profile projects completed include the Hawaii Range Complex EIS, Mariana Islands Range Complex EIS, Mariana Islands Training and Testing EIS, four Rim of the Pacific Environmental Assessments (EAs), four Undersea Warfare Exercise EAs in Hawaii and Guam, Naval Air Station Atsugi Japan Air Pollution, and Navy Low Frequency and Mid-Frequency Active Sonar Litigation.



Hawai'i is the epicenter for new technologies and renewable resources in many aspects. Let Sheehan Group-Pacific LLC assist in brokering deals and ensuring projects move forward.

Our team assisted with the Nuclear Carrier Homeporting in the Pacific EIS, where our personnel led the Navy’s NEPA efforts to homeport nuclear carriers in the Pacific. Alternatives included sites in Washington, California, and Hawaii, with issues centering around harbor activities such as stormwater runoff, dredging, pier design, energy, and coastal consistency determinations.



Sheehan Group-Pacific LLC has a significant amount of experience working in tandem with the US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, Missile Defense Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, and federal regulators in the Pacific.